What is a Home?

YOAM is no stranger to the realities of loss and devastation, having been in the disaster relief business for over a decade, now.  Nevertheless, I can’t help but ache with every new worksite on which I find myself.  Each of the walls I remove held families within them, witnessed memories as they were being made, muffled both tears of sadness and shouts of joy.

But these walls, as we’ve come to learn, are just walls.  They only make a house.  They no more make a home than a computer makes a business.  What I’ve found is that it is the love within those walls that makes a building a home.

It is such an honor to be trusted with the task of being one of the first groups to return the love of home to the Florida Keys after the most recent hurricanes.  It’s a daunting task to think of retuning to ground zero, as we did for the first time eleven years ago in New Orleans, but I know we are up for the challenge.

Florida, it’s time to come home.

Love and Peace,


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