Why the Florida Keys?

I’ve been spending the morning watching videos out of the Florida Keys.  I keep fighting back tears as each scene change sucker punches me in the stomach.  As I watch these, I am daunted by the memories of my first trip to New Orleans after Katrina.  The scenes are nearly identical.

I am afraid that by saying “We’re going to the Florida Keys,” people may think we’re going here for a vacation.  While YOAM fully intends on intentionally spending money in the communities we visit, make no mistake – this is not a vacation.

Our country and world has been rocked by too many tragedies to count in the last two months, and it has numbed us.  That has not made the disastrous situations go away.  In a way, it’s made them worse, because people are not remembering them.  You need to remember.  We need to remember.  As believers in Christ, we are called to help where we are able.  And YOAMers – we are able.  We have learned these skills, and we have a calling to use them.

Please watch the videos I have been glued to this morning.  Please watch them in their entireties.  It will hurt.  It’s supposed to.  But that’s why we have to go to the Florida Keys.  Please consider donating to our relief efforts by clicking here.

Immediately after Irma:

One Month after Irma:

We need volunteers, prayers, and financial support.  Are you called?  Let us know here.

Love and Peace,


*Featured Photo taken from the Miami Herold

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