We Can’t Do This Without You: Giving Tuesday


Today, on Giving Tuesday, we wanted to make sure you were 100% aware of the need in the Florida Keys, who we are, and what we’re doing.

Youth On A Mission (YOAM) is a non-profit organization, currently affiliated with Glen Mar Church.  Because of our past experience in hurricane relief and disaster recovery, the  Florida United Methodist Church – Disaster Response team specifically requested our presence in the Florida Keys, which were one of the hardest hit areas by Hurricane Irma.  They are still untouched and un-repaired.

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During the trip to the Florida Keys, YOAM will help with the rebuilding effort through demolition where necessary, framing, tiling, roofing, and drywalling.  Moreover, we intend on intentionally spending money in the community through the purchasing of supplies and food in an effort to combat the very real economic crisis this tourism-based community is facing. 

YOAM prides itself on equipping youth for leadership and empowering them to realize their philanthropic goals.  This trip will be no different, as it is occurring at the request of and will be partially personed by college-aged students.

We understand not everyone is able to go in person to help with the rebuilding process after a hurricane.  We hope you understand just how valuable your financial contributions are in averting a secondary crisis in the Florida Keys.  Please prayerfully consider making a donation by clicking here Thank you.

Love and Peace,


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