What’s in a Date?

I am one of those people that chose to study philosophy in college, knowing fully well that there was nothing I could do with that course of study other than being more aware of the cultural philosophies I was choosing to buck by it.  As a result I tend to “overthink” little things, like the concept of time – Doesn’t it feel arbitrary to you?  We measure by seconds, minutes, hours, days…. until we don’t.  When massive life events happen, we then measure by that point:

“Oh, that was before we moved.”

“Right, but after Dad totaled his car.”

“Exactly!  Just before Jesse was born.”

For those affected by this 2017 hurricane season, we know that you’re marking time by these events, and we’re marking with you.  You are not in this alone, and we’re moving as fast as we can to get you to your next time marker: “That was the day we got our home back.”

Today, we celebrate the official end of the 2017 hurricane season.  We pause, we breathe a deep breath, and we celebrate making it through.  We mourn the lives and homes lost.  We vow to rebuild, better and stronger than before.  But, moreover, we shut the door on this season and refuse to stay in it, pushing forward to each new milestone in our lives.

Love and Peace,



Will you join us in celebrating this day and the rebuilding it signifies?  Donate here to our trip in January to begin the rebuilding efforts in the southern Florida Keys.

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