Advent 2017: Hope

Yesterday marked the start of the Advent season for this year, the time when the Christian calendar officially starts and we prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually to remember the coming of Christ to this world.  Each week has a theme, the first of which being “Hope”.

As an organization, YOAM is approaching this season with an abundance of hope for the future, internally and externally.  The news seems to inundate us with negative messages about the state of the world, but we seem YOAM as a beacon into that environment.  We exist, of course, to bring light into the lives of the communities we serve, but we also exist to provide an outlet for hope amongst youth, giving them the opportunity to realize their philanthropic dreams.

As YOAM is preparing for a new season in its life, we are hopeful in expanding our core, our leadership, and our mission field.  We are hopeful for our place in the world and the repercussions we will have on the people with whom we come into contact.  We are hopeful that even though we are small, we can be mighty – just like a single candle, burning in the darkness of night.

Love, Peace, and Hope,



Are you hopeful for anything in the coming year?  We care about you and want to share in your hope with you.  Drop us a line or comment below.

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