Advent 2017, Chanukah 5778: Joy

We’re down to the last 7 days before Christmas, and with that comes the turn in Advent from contemplation to anticipation with the weekly theme of Joy.  Both holidays look with joy upon the miracles given to us by our Creator through the unrelenting, fierce love and protection that can only be given from Creator to Created – whether through the miracle of oil or miracle of eternal life, we all give a grateful “thank you” to our Creator during this season.

Likewise, it is with Joy that YOAM is entering this week as we jump over the final hurdles to getting our group to the Florida Keys for be the first group allowed into the Southern Florida Keys to do repair work.  We are honored to be joy-bringers to this community.

We would love to have you share in our joy with us!  We recently release our team T-shirt for pre-order, designed by Kiki and JJ Robinson.  This is a great way for you to support our trip, not only by contributing funds to our cause and helping us reach our minimum T-shirt order requirement but also by becoming a walking emissary for YOAM.  We want to spread the word about our organization, and you can help!  Click here to order one of these quality shirts, shown below.


No matter what, the joy that has filled us and others with YOAM’s renewed life and efforts has been unspeakable.  We are so grateful for this opportunity God and you have granted us and look to the future with more joy at the prospects ahead.

Love, Hope, and Joy,



Has your life given you something this season which has left you unable to keep your joy to yourself?  We want to hear from you!!  Leave us a comment below or send us a message.

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