Not So Mosey Monday

Greetings! Happy not so mosey Monday from the Keys where we woke up to sunshine and 65*.  We have wonderful accommodations provided by the BSA’s Brinton Environmental Center, Florida Sea Base on Summerland Key.  We are joined by a team from the New York and Connecticut area.

Today we teamed up to clear debris from Camp Wesumkee Girl Scout camp up the road.  This area was subjected to 170mph winds and a 25 foot storm surge. Walking around the property was a testament to the power of wind and water. The camp manager said that most of the camp’s ten bungalows were several hundred yards across the road in a neighboring marsh. We spent the day picking up pieces of some of the camp’s buildings and clearing a tangle of trees and brush from the storm surge. It was satisfying to see the progress we made in a single day.


See ya!


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