Not So Tepid Tuesday

Today we worked at Big Pine United Methodist Church, doing a little bit of a lot of things. Big Pine UMC does outreach to the community, including hosting a food pantry that serves 30 families a week and keeping bathrooms and showers in their building available to the homeless. They will be hosting volunteer teams soon.

We were working alongside another team, for a total of 15 volunteers at the church. We split up and worked on several projects each. Amy, Sarah, and a lady from the other group prepared a room for painting, including removing wallpaper and patching holes with spackle. Jacob moved things and worked with an older man from the other group. Anne and Eric worked in the two publicly available bathrooms, including unclogging toilets and replacing toilet seats. They diagnosed and fixed a pair of sinks that weren’t working. The video below shows one of the now-working sinks! Sarah squeegeed standing water and mopped those bathrooms. Amy and Jacob painted half a classroom before the end of the day.

There was plenty of work to keep us and the other team busy the entire day (and the next few days). Towards the end of the day, the pastor of the church walked through the building to see what supplies were needed from the hardware store for the next day. He was amazed at our progress and joked that we were moving too fast. We aren’t planning on slowing down.


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