We Worked Hard Wednesday

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Wednesday we were back at the Big Pine United Methodist Church.  A reporter from the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church spent the day at the work site with us doing some interviews with us and taking photos.  This will hopefully bring some awareness to the recovery efforts in the Keys as well as to the YOAM group.

We were able to meet and talk with a couple who rode out the storm in the sanctuary of the church.  It was a blessing to hear their story and get an understanding of how devastating Irma was to this community.  When we return from our trip we’ll start posting some stories of the victims of Irma so keep checking this blog for more accounts of the residents of the Keys.

We accomplished a lot of painting today as well as replacing many electrical outlets.  We continued work in the bathrooms in an effort to get some working bathrooms in the sanctuary and in the courtyard where the restrooms are made available to the homeless.

Lunch was once again provided by some wonderful ladies at the church.

At the end of the day we had a chance to talk with the case manager for the UMC who was able to tell us about some of the storm damage that we haven’t seen yet and about some of the people who are waiting for assistance in getting back into their homes.  This was a great reminder of why we’re here and how important it is to continue these efforts.


Enjoy some photos of our workday as well as one of the sunset here tonight!


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