Board of Directors

Earlier this week, we announced the incorporation of Youth On A Mission, we wanted to give you fair warning that some changes are headed YOAM’s way – a lot of them sooner rather than later.  One of the first things you will notice is that the official YOAM governing body is now a board of directors.  We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you today.  Each of use believes strongly in YOAM, as Jacob so eloquently says for us:

To say that Youth On A Mission has changed my life is an understatement, it has changed ME and molded me into the person I am today. One of my most memorable trips was with all my high school friends from my church because our message that year spoke volumes and has stuck with me when approaching mission work, “If not us then who?” This philosophy has heavily impacted the movement of Youth On A Mission in helping us inspire others to give their time to service as well. I am looking forward to many more opportunities to serve with YOAM.

We hope that by sharing our stories and passions, we will begin to hear yours as well so we can shape the future of this organization together.

Anne Royster, President

IMG_8992One of the “Original Six” founding members of YOAM, Anne maintains a passion for Youth On A Mission.  She is excited about the growth opportunities in front of YOAM and is looking forward to ushering it into its next chapter, as she did in establishing the first YOAM trip in 2006.  She hopes to be able to transfer these skills to the next generation of YOAM Youth Council.

Anne currently lives in Nashville, TN, where she works full time in the music industry.

Brandon Smith, Treasurer

unnamed 1Brandon, a proud Bulldog, graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, though that degree came close to being one in mathematics.  He has a passion for serving others, and is happy to be able to combine that with his enjoyment of numbers in his position on YOAM’s Board of Directors.

Brandon works as a photographer and currently lives in Nashville, TN.

Jacob Huey, Secretary

Best Portrait Picture

Jacob began his journey with Youth On A Mission in the Spring Break of 2010 with his first trip to Slidell, Louisiana. His father was the primary push for him to attend that first trip and to return for a total of 7 trips with YOAM.  After being a volunteer for 2 years, he was given the opportunity to serve on the Advisory Board with other youth who were devoted to choosing the direction of YOAM and where to help on relief and recovery.

Jacob is currently studying for a career in Physical Therapy and lives in Columbia, MD.

Andrew Giminaro, PhD, Director

imageAndrew only was recently introduced to YOAM, but he has already become a vital member of the Board of Directors through his experiences in grant and proposal writing and familiarity with professional briefs.  He has a  background in engineering and is an Eagle Scout, both of which he expects will prove useful in working with YOAM.

Andrew recently relocated to Florida, where he looks forward to serving as a gateway for YOAM in reaching areas affected by the 2017 hurricane season.

Mark Hardin, Director

11078228_10152787421007321_4871975627123599134_oPart of the original “Dad Board”, Mark has consistently and faithfully served Youth On A Mission in realizing the dreams of its Youth Council, protecting and amplifying its voice while ensuring a realistic vision can be achieved.

Mark, an entomologist, currently lives in Ellicott City, MD, where he works in the public school system when he’s not championing the cause of YOAM.

Martha Labram, Director

IMG_4847Martha recently graduated from Towson University in Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Services and a track in Leadership in the Non-Profit Sector. She went on her first Youth On A Mission trip when she was a sophomore in high school, and has been on more than twenty mission trips! She developed a passion for serving others because of these trips, where she also developed invaluable life and leadership skills.

Martha currently lives in Ellicott City, MD, where she works part-time in retail when she isn’t working towards YOAM’s goals.

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