Our First Day on our Mission Trip: Here’s Why it was so Rewarding

Hi, I’m Elise Strain and I am on a mission trip with Aldersgate United Methodist Church with Youth on a Mission. Service as always been a part of my life and I try to serve in every outlet of my life. I was president of two service oriented clubs at school. I started my own charity when I felt I wasn’t doing enough, and I jump at the opportunity to serve at my church. I love serving because it makes me feel so good. It has only been one day and so far it has been extremely rewarding. I’ll tell you a little about what we did that makes it so rewarding.

We were divided into four different work crews for four different projects. One group was moving furniture for Ms. Beth, preparing for her house being demolished because of flood damage. The second group tiled the bathroom, preparing the parsonage for usage. The third group sealed a room for a woman to save her from bugs. The last group helped rebuild a woman’s house that had been destroyed by September floods.

So far I have been able to meet inspiring and amazing people. It has been so amazing to get to  get get to see the joy on the people’s faces that we’re helping. This will be a truly amazinig experience.





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