Day Two: Learning and New Experiences

This is our second day working with youth on a mission! We have continued working in our work sites and have even started a few new jobs. It has not taken long to realize what a learning experience this is! Every single person on this trip, including th hie adults, has learned something new, whether it was about someone else, themselves, or construction.

IMAG2977We have started to get to enjoy the flora and the fauna of big key. Bobo, the church deer, lets us get close and interact with him. We have gotten to see a three-foot iguana. We have also spotted sharks in the ocean! This is just another amazing thing about doing mission work in one of the most beautiful places in America.

Although it seems so, this mission trip is not perfect. We all face our challenges in many different ways and this stays true for our work. Our devotion focused on this tonight and it really hit home. I have had to do many things that frustrated me, but I knew that I was helping people and that made me want to make it perfect.

This mission trip so far has been amazing. It has been so great to get to help these loving people and to get to do it in such a gorgeous place!

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