The Legend of Wednesday

IMAG2978       Today is the third day of our mission trip. Wednesday is legended to be the worst day of a mission trip all around, but I find the opposite. All of our bonds are growing stronger and most of our work is staying on track. That’s not to say we haven’t been faced with challenges.

Helping the community is always the biggest part of a mission trip, but it’s not always the most important. The most important part is the relationships that are built. When this church is over, we are still a youth group. I’ll see these people twice a week for a long time. Now, I know people better. I feel so close to my fellow youths and leader. I truly love each and every one of them.

Mission trips are so important for youth. We get to not only get closer to Christ through mission, we get to grow closer to one another. We build relationships that last a lifetime. That’s the amazing thing about youth on a mission. We get to add another skill under our belt: planning mission trips.

I’m saddened that tomorrow is our last day, but I know I will never forget this. I have made memories I will never forget and relationships that will last forever.

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