Hannah and Katie with Anne and Darryl in background. Jan 2011

Youth On A Mission (YOAM) is a youth led mission organization founded in 2006 by six youth on a mission trip, who were led by faith to start a youth-led group to return to Slidell Louisiana to do Hurricane Katrina relief work over their spring break.  YOAM now has a two-fold purpose: To provide disaster relief while empowering youth to leadership roles in pursuing their philanthropic dreams.  As a group, we have felt the effects of hurricanes and floods; we have seen first-hand the devastation, but we know that we do not serve a God of destruction, but a God of healing. YOAM is a group of people who have opened themselves to being the healing hands of Christ to love on the hurricane-affected communities in word and deed.


Mission Statement

This corporation is established to equip and empower young people to leadership for the purposes of providing services to people in need, responding to natural disasters, and advocating for social justice.

This corporation shall operate from a basis of religious faith, looking to scriptural teachings for leadership guidance


Vision Statement

Youth On A Mission (YOAM) was created to equip and empower students with the strength, knowledge, and experiences to become pioneering leaders of the world they have inherited. Helping the rising generations bring projects of their initiation to completion, with a focus on natural disaster relief and social justice efforts, YOAM is committed to providing its leaders the opportunities to implement the changes they want to create.